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70 Vicarage Road

Kings Heath


B14 7QL

0121 444 4851

Cast a Long Shadow

Robert Johnson

Past Exhibitions

Saturday 30th June 2012

Selected works


The paintings of Robert Johnson represent what is  most important to him, not just as an artist but as a person aswell.  His works are "Personal landscapes".  This collection is the next progression, developing images which reflect the Artists interest with personal growth, identity and perception.

Roberts art combines paint and print to illustrate and depict personal experiences.  "I use underlying pieces; old maps, empty cigarette boxes or any other manner of bric-a-brac to give me a base to envision a piece. This gives me the drive and feel for my work, my imagination then comes to the fore, seeing shapes and patterns. I use many layers in my work, painting over certain parts and then sanding others, not only does it add interesting textures but also enlightening depths and glimpses of vague shapes and shades beneath the overlaying mixes of colour. It also gives a sense of personality and you can see things in them which maybe others can’t. I use many styles to achieve what I want, whether that be sprayed, scratched, spattered or dripped. it’s a vision of coalescence and build-up."