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70 Vicarage Road

Kings Heath


B14 7QL

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Fred Bromfield

Fred Bromfield studied at CamberwellSchool of Art in the early Sixties underFrank Auerbach and Euan Uglow.Their influence is evident in his expert draftsmanship and luxuriously thick use of  oil paint.Over the years, he has evolved his own spontaneous style, which he calls 'expressionist impressionism'.He has exhibited in Germany, Denmarkand America as well as across the UK.


Artist’s statement:

Painting is my raison d'être. I’ve been doing it for over 50 years and still my heart thumps withexpectation every time I take up my palette. A passion, I hope, that comes across in each individual piece.I always work from life. Sometimes the beauty of a landscape is so profound it feels blasphemous for a mere mortal to try to depict it – but this is where the excitement and energy come from.Oils are such a beautiful, unctuous medium: I love towork thickly with bold, gestural strokes. Sometimes I add sand or use household scrubbing brushes and trowels to create different textures.Trad. jazz is a huge influence on my work; I am mad about the trombone. As with jazz improvisation, each time I paint I try not to repeat myself. To be truly creative, with fresh ideas. To respond honestly to what’s in front of me.I hope you find my paintings enjoyable and exciting.

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Fred Bromfield       Seasons of the Heart

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